About HEG Energy

Looking to future-proof your business or home?

The HEG approach is to:

  • Assess your current energy usage patterns;
  • Determine if meaningful efficiency measures can be implemented ; then
  • Present a solar PV system solution based on Return-on-Investment and matching of energy consumption vs generation.

HEG Energy has a home base in Tasmania, and is a partner to Home Efficiency Group (www.heg.com.au) and Environmental Electrical Australia. We are able to utilise a network of partners to deliver superior solar/lighting products, residential and commercial finance packages, PPA’s (power price agreements) and a full range of solar solutions, including:

  • Grid-Connected Solar PV
  • Hybrid Grid/Battery Solutions
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Community, government or corporate-based energy solutions


CSR Bradford Approved DistributorBradford Energy Solutions HEG Energy, a sister company to Home Efficiency Group