Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar is HEG Energy’s largest-growing sector. With Return on Investment often being 3.5 to 4.5 years (20%+ returns), it is easy to see why. With a commercial client, we look at what your day-time usage is (kWH), then match that with the daytime solar (sunny) peak times, which then allows us to determine an appropriate solar PV size.

Is my business suitable for commercial solar?

It depends. The returns will only be solid if your business or commercial enterprise uses a significant amount of energy during daytime hours. Except for situations where batteries are used, solar PV solutions are only beneficial for daytime consumption of electricity.

Suitable industry sectors for Solar PV…

Any business that utilises relatively consistent energy use during the day is suitable for PV, as long as you have enough space for the panels (roof or ground-mount area). Typically suitable industry segments include:

  • Indoor sporting venues – lighting is expensive and on for long periods of time, so daytime energy consumption use can be slashed by  replacing high-bay metal halide lights with LED equivalents, then offsetting a proportion of the remainder with solar PV.
  • Educational facilities – schools, technical colleges and universities utilise most of their energy on heating / lighting during the day.
  • Warehouses – lighting, ventilation and refrigeration during the day is relatively constant, so is ideal for solar PV solutions.
  • Retail outlets – consistent use of lighting and air conditioning during the day e.g. malls, department stores.
  • Government – local councils and government departments mostly utilise day-time use of lighting, heating and cooling, ventilation and computers.
  • Agricultural Operations – where irrigation is done during day time hours, or electricity-based ventilation, heating or lighting is done in an indoor environment (such as poultry or seed drying), then solar is able to offset these costs.

Unsuitable businesses for Solar PV…

If your business has any of the following characteristics, then a direct, non-battery supported solar PV system is probably not suited to your situation:

  • Business uses minimal use of energy during daylight hours;
  • minimal roof or land space available for solar panel arrays
  • shading issues on available roof space e.g. trees, other parts of the roof or other buildings casting a shadow where potential panels would go.
  • roof construction issues, such as asbestos roofs.

Whilst this is a generalisation, these sectors would probably not be suitable for solar PV solutions:

  • A wholesale/non-retail baker that only uses ovens at night-time would not be a good candidate for solar PV.
  • A farmer that only irrigates at night-time would not be a good candidate for solar PV, unless that irrigation activity can be moved to day-time “solar peak hours”.

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