Solar Pricing

Solar PV Energy System Pricing

HEG has a standard price list that applies to homes or businesses – please contact us on 1300 744 767 or for an obligation-free quotation. Every solar installation is different, with the major variations occurring in these aspects:

  • Roof type, roof area, orientation, pitch, quantity of roof facets and access considerations;
  • Shading caused by trees, hills, nearby houses and other parts of the same house/roof; and
  • Usage of power at different times during the day and in different quantities.

Each household or business has a different energy consumption profile (when / where / why energy is used over the course of a day, month and year), and often the reasons behind the need for solar PV or battery storage varies. Often it is to lower costs, but other times it is to ensure brown / blackouts are minimised.

HEG Energy staff will discuss these various options with you to enable you to make an informed decision. The cheapest option is not always the optimal option for your particular circumstances.

Great, reliable solar PV products

The following components form part of the standard or premium-upgrade solar energy packages.

  • Zever Solar Inverters or SolaX inverters
  • SolarEdge Inverters & Power Optimisers (for shading situations and power output fluctuations)
  • Canadian Solar panels, which are Tier 1 and range in specifications from 270W to 320W, 60-cell to 72-cell

Other Tier 1 panels (e,g. Risen,LG) and inverters (e.g. SMA, ABB, Fronius) are available – simply ask.

SolarEdge Inverters with Power Optimisers are available as an upgrade. Ask staff for details.

See Brochures page for technical details…

T’s and C’s

Terms, conditions and exemptions apply. Additional fees may apply to non-standard installs. E&OE. Apart from our standard conditions of sale, additional fees may apply if:

  1. Job site is more than 30km of Launceston or Hobart.
  2. Job is multi-storey or has a steep-pitched roof over 40 degrees.
  3. Roof is Tile, Kliplok or non-standard construction.
  4. Panels are installed in a landscape orientation (which uses a much larger amount of roof racking and labour).
  5. Panels require tilt-frames to keep them at a higher angle. A building permit is also required in this circumstance.
  6. Split solar arrays – where groups of panels are on different roof faces, separate sections of the same roof face, or facing in different directions – require extra cabling and isolators, as well as require additional electrical labour, and so incurs an additional fee.
  7. Meter box / circuit breakers / sub-boards that require upgrades. Some houses that don’t have enough room in their meter box, or whom have ceramic fuses, inadequate mains, or meter boxes that are not easily accessible to meter readers may need to have electrical upgrade work done. We are happy if you arrange this prior with your own electrician, or bundle it into the installation.
  8. Where Building Certificates or local council permits are required. In Tasmania, a $990 Building Permit (includes Council Fees) are required where:
    1. the solar PV system on a single roof structure is greater than 38sqm, or
    2. has panels that are closer than 200mm to a roof edge or
    3. any solar panels need to use tilt-frames.

All installations are subject to an onsite quotation by a HEG Energy consultant and an inspection by a renewable energy electrician.